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Founded in 2006, Project HOPE, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that believes HOPE and caring are the key components to help individuals overcome hopelessness and prepare them for the future.  Our mission is to afford every individual a fair and equal opportunity to reach their full potential and evolve into a state of stability and hopefulness.  We seek to accomplish our mission by developing individuals through education, charitable sources, social supportive services, self-help support groups, life-skills training, behavior modification, career readiness, and assessments.  We will accomplish this by addressing the (7) seven areas we believe are essential to an individual’s successful growth & development (SUCCESS):

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Phone: 708-385-3800

  • Social and Academic Mentoring & Tutoring – integrating social and academic literacy
  • Unbiased Individual Development – no preconceived notions of what a child can achieve
  • Career and Job Readiness Assessment – employability is essential to escaping poverty
  • Child Enrichment and Development – begins at infancy and occurs both inside & outside the classroom
  • Ethics –character development equally important as cognitive development
  • Self-Esteem and Ego Assessment – healthy sense of self in relationship with others
  • Self-Discipline/Behavior Assessment – self-control, vision, purposeful action/behavior
Project HOPE Annual Partnership w Payless Gives

"All God's Children Got Shoes"

We Are the Proud Recipients of the EQUIP Grant

  "Quality Early Childhood Programs"

Food, Fellowship & Fun with our Families

"Fall Thanksgiving Harvest Festival"

Lunch @ Macy's - Downtown Chicago

(Fine Dining w our Preschoolers)

Project HOPE Partners w Daughters of Destiny & Toys for Tots


Project HOPE, Inc.